Can your web pages beat the 10-second rule?

Your web page has about 10 seconds to capture each new visitor’s interest, before they click on to the next search result. To grab them, you need more than beautiful graphics and a fast load time. You need content that:

  • Hooks their interest instantly;
  • Gives them the information they came looking for;
  • Shows them why they should buy from you;
  • Tells them how to start doing business with you;
  • And does it all in just a few concise, reader-friendly paragraphs.

Whether you’re starting a new website or blog, or redoing an existing one, I can help you create the content that will set you and your business apart and show your prospects what you do and why they should call you.  I do this through a crafted interview process that uncovers the most effective way to communicate your brand, your expertise, and your unique competitive edge.

Then I work with your website developer to make sure the content fits your website’s layout and navigation, and has your chosen keywords in place.

Finally, I help you develop strategies for long-term content marketing, whether it’s a blog or a newsletter, or regular updates to your website to keep the content fresh and current.

If you want your content to be the lightning, not the lightning bug, call me at 401-207-0423, or email me, and let’s get started.

If you are a website developer or search market specialist who spends too much time waiting for clients to produce the content you need, call me to see how I can help uncork that content bottleneck and get your projects moving again.