Is Your Content the Lightning Bug or the Lightning?

When you put your presence out on the internet, you want that presentation to be as good as your company. You want it to showcase what you do, how you do it, and why a prospective client should buy from you, not your competition. For that, you need more than great graphics. You also need powerful words to tell your story and make that critical call to action.

That’s where I come in. As a third generation professional writer, I give your marketing content the same level of experience, excellence, and in-depth knowledge that you bring to work every day.

Websites. Whether you’re starting a new website or redoing an outdated one, I can help you create the content that will set you and your business apart and show your prospects what you do and why they should call you. Read more.

Blogs. A blog goes beyond your website to show your clients and prospects everything you can do for them, and everything you know about your industry. And by producing lots of shareable content, your blog can carry your brand far and wide on the internet. Read more.

Content for Your Marketing Clients. If you are a website developer, graphic designer or search market specialist who spends too much time waiting for clients to produce the content you need, I can help uncork that content bottleneck and get your projects moving again.

If you are ready to make your content dazzle your prospects like lightning, not a lightning bug, call me at 401-207-0423, or email me, and let’s get started.